General Information

Please bring these items before you come for a piercing or tattoo THEY ARE REQUIRED BY ARKANSAS STATE LAW.

  1. You need a state or government issued photo ID to be pierced.
  2. ANY MINOR 16-17 years old, will still need a state or government issued ID(drivers permit, driver’s license, passport etc.)  to be pierced (student id’s will not be accepted,), the parent will need a state or government issued photo ID AND you will need a copy of the minor’s birth certificate with you, with the parent’s names on it(Birth certificate cards will not work,). HAS to be one the two parents on the birth certificate. IF you have legal guardianship you will need the COURT documents showing you have legal custody.
  3. We do not pierce nipples, genitalia, or any surface piercings on minors.
  4. We will pierce ear lobes on clients 10 years or older with the same requirements as stated above.

For anyone getting a piercing or a tattoo it is advisable to eat within 2-4 hours of coming in. Your body will thank you!

It will be stated multiple times in aftercare information, but you will not want to swim with a fresh piercing or tattoo. Swimming with an open wound is a very good way to end up with an infection. Each piercing is different on the amount of time you have to wait.